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As your Sunshine Coast celebrant it is my duty and role to ensure that you understand all the legal requirements for your wedding ceremony. This procedure is relevant regardless of whether you are an Australian resident, citizen or an overseas visitor.

1. Choose your date, time and venue.

2. Please advise me by email or telephone to discuss your plans and to book your date and time with me. To avoid disappointment, I recommend you choose your date and time and let me know as soon as possible.

3. Legally, you must be free to marry and over the age of 18.

4. You will need to download the Notice of Intended Marriage form from here.

5. Please carefully complete the form and have it witnessed as per the instructions on the form.

6. The Notice of Intended Marriage, (NOIM) form MUST be received at least one month and one day in advance of the wedding date, so please ensure you complete the form as soon as possible to avoid delays. If there are unusual circumstances, contact me and we will work together to resolve any issues.

7. Please send the completed Notice of Intended Marriage, (NOIM) form to me and I will lodge on your behalf.

8. Prior to the ceremony I am legally required to cite your original Birth Certificate / Passports. If you have been previously married, I will also need to cite your Decree Absolute document. If you have problems obtaining these documents, you can contact Births, Deaths & Marriages in your home state.